Term 1 Self portraits

In term 1 the students from Everton, Springhurst, Osbornes Flat, Wahgunyah, Chiltern, Middle Indigo and Barnawartha explored “The Self” through a range of activities. Students drew traditional self-portraits, completed mixed media self-portraits, a Picasso and Modigliani inspired self-portrait, experimented with sensory objects including kinetic sand to create crazy faces and explored IPad photo editing applications to take a modern day self-portrait “A Selfie”. Here is some of their wonderful creations.

Osbornes Flat 'Picasso' inspired self-portrait
Osbornes Flat ‘Picasso’ inspired self-portrait

IMG_2623 IMG_2622 Chiltern Primary SchoolIMG_2621 IMG_2620 IMG_2619 IMG_2618 IMG_2616 IMG_2615 IMG_2617 IMG_2614 IMG_2613 IMG_2612

Chiltern Primary School
Chiltern Primary School

Wahgunyah Primary School ‘Selfies’

IMG_0372 IMG_0377 IMG_0471 IMG_0474 IMG_0476



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