A sensory playground seems the perfect place for some student art! So we came up with some creative handmade concrete pavers…

and.. Together The Moyhu ARTvan and the Whitfield District Primary School community explored the Magic of Mosaics!

Firstly, students learned about and practised lots of direct and indirect methods of mosaicing with paper and design objects.

Then, the Mosaic Magic day arrived.

Students started to get creative with colourful tiles….

smashing the tiles
smashing the tiles

Next, the students worked on a bed of even sand, to embed their tiles upside down in a crazy patchwork or simplistic geometric design. This is called the indirect mosaic method.


Next, we took turns mixing a slurry of sand, water and cement to pour carefully over the tiles so they would stay in place.

Slowly and carefully we cover our design with first layer of cement.
Slowly and carefully we cover our design with first layer of cement.

Leave the slurry to set just a little, scratch some lines into it, ready for the final layer of cement, a drier consistency, forming the back of the mosaic paver.


Leaving the pavers to dry for a few days in the beautiful North East Victorian sunshine…. we then had the…

the big mosaic reveal

Students admired their designs.

mosaic patterns

Recycled house tiles, smashed crockery (not ideal for pavers as rounded edges), river stones and shop bought mosaic tiles are all potential materials…

rocks and tiles

Finally, the meticulous and pleasant job of brushing away the sand.

Our pavers are ready to grace the sensory playground and be a reminder of the time spent in the creative process of Mosaic Magic!


Thank you to all students who gave 100% of their creativity to this project, to the teachers and parents of Whitfield and District Primary school, and visiting artist and teacher, Jacquie Coupé.

Happy Mosaicing!

Moyhu ARTvan


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