Cool Collage!

…And the 2015 school year for the MOYHU MACC (ARTvan!) begins with a fun art technique called COLLAGE.

Collage is a French word coming from the verb COLLER, to stick or to glue…

…so Collage is sticking down paper, card, fabric, ribbon etc., in a beautiful design.


At Greta Valley and Winton Primary Schools, we have started our term’s exploration of collage.


  • good glue stick or two
  • scissors
  • good quality images ( old national geographics or fiction and non-fiction picture books from an op shop are awesome)
  • backing paper or card. We worked on A4
  • scrap paper


To glue properly is an art! Take a scrap piece of paper bigger than the piece you are glueing. Glue absolutely everywhere  on the wrong side of image, starting with the outer edges. Remember the outer edges!

Keep an eye out for accidental finds…today, I was about to glue the wrong side, which turned out to be a more ideal image than the right side!


To rip or cut? Include both techniques to create an interesting pattern.

You can cut around one part of the image, or cut around the whole image including the background.

Experiment with ripping the paper both ways, to show the white tear line or not.

Students choose a theme

Your theme will depend on where you are sourcing images… National Geographics are great for:

animals (tropical / cats / dinosaurs / reptiles)

nature (flowers / trees / sky / water)

People (faces / hands / eyes / colourful costumes)

ME (things I like / beautiful places)

colours (monotone / complimentary / contrasting )


Cover the whole page working from big to small images, from outer edges to middle. These make the job less fiddly, however, you could leave these guidelines out and let the kids discover those lessons for themselves…

Students can overlap the edges of backing card, and go back and cut to the A4 size at the end.  The art work below is an example of leaving the edges there.


Enjoy exploring the art of cool collage! More collage experiments to follow!




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